Monday, February 11, 2013

Finally made one of these!

I have been admiring these for so long! There are many variations of this project out there in the blog world.  Lots and lots of tutorials.  I actually made mine using a combination of a few of them.  I planned to do my own tutorial, but honestly I don't think I could have done better than Kristen at KSarahDesigns did on hers.

I plan to add a light kit to mine as well as soon as I can make that trip I have been dying to make to Ikea!
This project actually was started on Thanksgiving evening.  I had quite the assembly line going of me, my daughter Ryan, my niece Jaycee and my grand daughter Avery. I  ran out of wax paper right in the middle of the project.  I was surprised at how much it used.  Because the girls were  having so much fun I broke one of my cardinal rules and went to Walmart to pick up more.  Now obviously, going to Walmart is not against any rule of mine.  It wasn't that.  No no was WHEN I went.  This was THANKSGIVING EVENING...yep you got it...I went to Walmart on BLACK FRIDAY!!!!  It took me no less than an hour and a 1/2 to pick up on large roll of wax paper!  Having never been there on this particular event, I was really shocked and amazed at what people go through to get a deal.  The wax paper just happened to be on the grocery isle designated for a low priced computer!  ALL the carts GONE.  The self check longer self check out.  This had been my plan but it didn't work out.  So I waited in awe of it all.  Did I grab a few items that were marked way down?  Of course I did!  I am a living breathing woman and grandmother.  Walking past a great deal without actually taking advantage of it, is almost against my religion!

As we were making mine, Jaycee & Avery we decided that we would also make one for their rooms.  We are still working on those, and are actually making those a little different.  I will post a tutorial on it very soon.  Let me just say I LOVE how those are turning out. It really put a great spin on it for a teen and preteen girls room!  I cannot wait to get them finished and show you.  Really cool!

Here is mine!  The photo quality is not that wonderful.  I should have taken advantage of a great deal on a camera too while I was there!  I however have a hard fast rule of not buying anything for me during that time of year until I have completed all of my Christmas shopping. A decent digital camera is on the top of my wish list though!


 I used embroidery hoops to attach the shells.  I painted them white so they would blend.

  If you want to make one of these, there are so many blogs with their own variations and tutorials..

Thrifty decorating

Freshly Picked's version

This is just 2 of them... believe me if you google "faux capiz shell chandelier" you will find tons of them with many differing variations on how you connect them, what material you use to make the shells, & what you use as the base. Some are pendent style and some are attached directly to the ceiling.  Which variation you choose to use is all up to you, or use a combination of several of them.  Just get creative and make one!  There is even one that uses strips of wax paper instead of round pieces.  I really tried to find that link for you but wasn't successful.  Just google away.  You will find it!

Till next time, take care and have fun being creative!  


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So much has happened since my last post.  I have moved back in with my mom in Forney. With my health being as it is, living on my own with my 13 year old son (who is a handful on good days!) is just not feasible   At first, I was really concerned about it.  I was worried so much about losing my sewing room as well as my office.  This is not only the room where I sew and create, it is also where I work part time.  My mom's home is very large and she has a media room that is pretty much sitting empty.  So, she said I could convert it into my sewing room/office.

The room is actually larger than the room I was using in my home.  So for the first time ever, I am able to set up my quilting frame in my sewing room.  Also, because I am not broke every day as I was before, I was able to purchase a new sewing machine and put the Viking on the frame as it was purchased to be used.  

ready to use!
lights, camera, action!
Isn't she purdy!
For the first time EVER I finally loaded her up and started trying to practice using her on a couple of pieces of muslin.  I was starting to really get the hang of it and had worked out my tension.  Then it jams up and scares the ever lovin' know what out of me!  From what I can gather a piece of thread caught somewhere along the plate that covers the feed dogs and pulled it up.  When this happened the needled came down on it and bent the plate so now it will not go back on it snugly. I am not sure if the plate is the problem or if it has jumped time now. When the needle goes into the quilt, the thread is not catching anything! It won't even bring the bobbin up. I fear the timing is off on it now.   

It's just as well.  It's probably best to give her a tune up and servicing before I put her to work as hard as I need. I have 5 tops  waiting to be quilted.   

See here I have her loaded up and ready

Not too bad?
The room is a mess right now.  I am still working on it, as you will see.  But she is coming along beautifully!  I purchased this beautiful Armoire from my brother.  He gave me a great deal.  I am thinking he may have regretted that later though.  Moving this giant up the stairs was really touch and go.  Finally, and much to my his relief it was up the stairs.  Though we have decided if my mom ever chooses to sell the house, the armoire will go with it!
You cannot beat these for storage

These are fantastic for storage!  As of today I have just got it cram packed full of stuff.

I am getting storage containers to use inside and get some kind of system going.  I also have another peg board that I am going to cut to size and mount on the inside of the doors.  This would be a great place for those tools that I use rarely. But still need often enough not to put into my other black hole...the closet. (not going to show a picture of that place!)  That will be another project to do once I get the room under some kind of order.

My absolute favorite addition to my sewing room is my new sewing machine.  The Viking Mega Quilter is only a straight stitch machine.  The machine I was using before I purchase the Viking was a Singer 7426.  I just hated that machine.  It was so loud!  The Viking was so smooth and fast.  BUT again, straight stitch only.  This is really what I do 98% of the time.  But then I have that 2% of the time that I need a zig-zag or blind hem stitch for applique.  I had been just putting the projects aside that needed anything other than a straight stitch in the hopes that some day soon I would have the money to purchase another machine or break down and use the singer.  Well after moving into my mom's I got my first paying job!  A lady I had met through a group called Free-cycle where you post items you are trying to get rid of for free to anyone willing to pick them up.  You know the old adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  She had given me a ton of fabric from cleaning out her sewing room back when I first began sewing.  So in all honesty, I would have done the job for free for her!  But she insisted on paying me.  I wish I had pictures of it!  It turned out great.  I had to do some improvising to get the backing and border fabric to be large enough, but it came out great. It was a baby quilt for the lady she works for.  I needed to applique the baby's name on the back.  So I broke down and purchased a new machine after trying to use the Singer.  I had been doing a ton of research and testing several machines.  I wanted certain features which normally come on a machine that is over 1,000.00.  I finally found one that was only 800 and had everything I wanted and more!  I purchased the Juki HZL-F400.  

I love this gal, she is so quite and smooth.  She actually FMQ sitting at my sewing table as well as the Viking did, if not better.  

This is just a sneak peek of my new favorite room!  More to come as I get it all finished up!  Right now I am knee deep in fabric folding it to put it in some way where I can keep a better idea of what I have.  Till now I have been folding it and storing it under my cutting/pressing table.  Which works well except for one major problem.  I forget it is there!  One thing that I do when I see something I want to make is start going through my stash in my head to see if I have fabric to make it already.  This way no need to buy any more right?  Well I have a very hard time remember what I actually have much less how much!  I am hoping that by having it in a place where I can see it better, it will not only help me remember what I have but inspire me to use it! 
Just a small amount of my favorite fabrics
I also am wanting to install some shelving.  I have a wall space above my cutting table that would be perfect for shelves that go up about 4 sets. I want to get one that has the cube storage for the bottom shelf, then about 2 or 3 shelves mounted on brackets.  That way I can get some of my knick knacks up and out of the way.  

need wall shelves where the small wood one is now but much longer and several of them

So it is coming along again.  Slowly but surely.  I am certainly not flush with cash. I am however not nearly as strapped as I was before.  I still have rent to pay and bills.  However, before it was just me bringing in the only income and that was only my disability.  Now I have a part time job to help get me back on track and no longer having to support my husband too.  Things are definitely looking better!

I have added my pinterest button on the right side of the page.  If you are into quilting or anything related to sewing, crafts, DIY and related, you have to check it out.  I have thousands of pins and more than 30 boards.  There are so many tutorials, free patterns, fabric shops, and even links to sites that will give you the plans to build things!  There is really something there for everyone.  Be careful though it is HIGHLY addictive!  But...what the heck!  Its all for fun!

Till next time, I will try to blog more and post more on what I am working on.  I am about to start a new quilt today.  I have really come to like the modern quilts and am going to start one today! Yeah!  I will keep you posted on it!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bridal shower/bachelorette party for my oldest daughter

My oldest daughter is getting married next month.  We began the kick-off to the traditional parties that proceed the wedding.  Her wedding is a destination wedding which will be in Gulf Shores AL.  I cannot wait! She is marrying a great guy.  My oldest daughter has given me so much joy.  All of my kiddos have.  Each in their own way.  My oldest has by showing me that all of those talks, all of those times I tried so hard to tell her the things I wanted her to know, remember and most of all APPLY to her life got through.  Seeing that all come to fruition gives a parent such a great sense of accomplishment.  Like it was all so worth it.  She is such a beautiful woman inside and outside.  I am just so happy for her but more than anything I am PROUD!

She was such a great sport throughout the party.  Embarrassed on occasion by the personal gifts given to her by her wonderful friends. My daughter is very very beautiful but she is also unbelievably modest.  After a few drinks she did lighten up quite a bit.  The whistle she was given shaped like a certain male body part was blown more and more as the shots came her way!

I made my daughter a couple of things.  I got the tutorials to make them from one of my absolutely favorite blogs Shanty2chic.

I made her this plaque. Honestly, I had my doubts about how this was turning out.  It just needed something but I couldn't come up with what! Eventually I decided to do a finish on it.  It came out pretty good.  Again, had my doubts but it all came out great in the end.

She liked it and that is all that matters right?   You can make of of these too.  The tutorial is here.  I made mine on a piece of MDF.

I also made her a set of apothecary jars.  I had made a set for myself and my mom too.  I did hers a little different.
Again, I got the tutorial to make this gift from Shaty2chic's site.  You can find many other sites that will give you a tutorial to make them.  I just like the tutorial style they made the best and went with it.  Again, she loved it.  I used some wired edge burlap ribbon I had to embellish them.  They came out great I think.  I tried to make them a little different from mine and my mom's set.

After the gifts were given it was off to the bachelorette party WOO HOOO! Nope no male dancers, (not that I didn't beg for them!) strippers or any kind of pickup bar! My daughter isn't into that kind of thing.  We had a blast though.  An unexpected one.

We went to a restaurant/bar in Rockwall close to home.  It had recently started having dueling pianos much like the place downtown called "Pete's Piano bar" which is a really fun place to go.  We had been before to Pete's.  My brother in law Richard, worked there in the past.  He is not actually my brother in law.  To be exact he is my brother's brother in law! Yeah, go figure out that one!!!  Richard is a VERY talented pianist.  He is actually a Grammy award winner.  He wrote some of the music in the Beverly Hills Cop II or III and the soundtrack won a Grammy! Pretty cool huh! How many peeps can say they have a Grammy award winner in the family?  Anyway, I got off track there! The surprise was when we walked into Avante, there was our bro Richard! We had no idea he worked there! So he really did make the night special.  See the pics.  As you can see it was a blast!

The above pictures really need no explanation do they?  Girls just having fun and acting crazy!  Then they called ME to the stage.  I am VERY VERY shy! I was NOT drunk at all so I cannot TELL you how much I didn't want to go up there.  But after all this is for my daughter and they had all been such great sports, I really had no other choice.  This is when I was sang to by on of the other Honestly, I cannot even remember what he sang.  All I wanted to hear was you can leave the stage now!! lol The best thing was when I looked and there was my daughter, coming to the stage with me as we my other daughter.  They came up there so I didnt have to do it alone! Boy was I thankful to them! 
Here are my two oldest girls...beautiful aren't they.  I am biased for sure.  
Here we are for our photo op! Just the family.  My daughter Ashley, Richard, my sister Kelli, me and my other daughter Ryan.

It was a great time! They went on to another place after Avante closed.  I went home.  Not the party girl I use to be I guess! But still, I had such a wonderful time.  It is really nice when you can go out with such wonderful people, have a blast and the best part is some of those people are your family! Now that is when you know how truly lucky you are!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

FINALLY finished livingroom curtains!

After going through blog after blog, I finally settled on how to do the curtains in my living room.  I knew I wanted to use drop cloths.  I like the style, texture and even more the savings they offer.  I was hung up on how I wanted to do them.  I like the contrast of having dark and light.  I happened upon an extra long table cloth in the clearance section at Walmart.  I used it for the top.  I wasn't sure if I wanted the contrast material on the top of bottom of the curtain.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought having them on the top was the best option.  Mostly because of the weight.  I wanted them to hang well and in my mind I thought having the lighter material on the bottom might keep them from hanging as I wanted them to.  I could be way off on that, but I didn't want to get them all made, only to discover I should have gone with my gut.  By using the contrast band, I was able to make both sets using one 6'x9' package.  This was great! I later found this to be even more important since I discovered they have a slight variance in color from package to package, even when you use the exact same brand.   I am really happy with how they came out!!  I purchase the tiebacks at Lowe's as well.  They were a whopping 2.00 a piece!! YEAH!

Now get this, in my search of saving the almighty dollar, and blog searching I discovered a tutorial of how to make your own curtain rods!! Yes!! It cost me a total of $5.00!!! That is for BOTH rods!! You have to measure exactly how long you want them since you are cutting them and they are not expandable.  I painted them with oil rubbed bronze.  I purchased 2 pkgs of clip rings.  Each had 14 clip rings for only 7.00!

I plan to make another set.  I will post a tutorial on how I did them when I do.  I was too nervous making these to have been able to document each step as I needed to.  I was also not all that sure how it would come out.  Now that I have made one set, I feel confident enough to tackle another! Maybe even improve on it a bit!.  

I cannot recommend this enough! I was able to make the curtains and curtain rods as well as buy the clips, brackets and tiebacks all for under $55.00.  That is BOTH windows complete!! There is nothing that looks home made about them! This is the first set of curtains I have ever even attempted.  Keeping in mind I have been sewing for all of a year! If I can make these anyone can! So get out there and get your DIY ON!! Step back and see what you can do.  Feel that overwhelming sense of accomplishment that YOU did it! Even saved a bundle doing it! My DH is so proud of them! I think he may have even been shocked at how well they came out.  I was too to be honest.  Now I cannot wait to tackle my next project.  

Have a great day!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Versatile Blog Award

In my last post I received a  comment telling me I had been nominated for the Versatile Blog Award.  Being new to blogland I had never heard of anything like it.  Me? Award? No WAY! lol.. I checked it out and it is more of a blogger to blogger kind of thing.  A way to get to know the other bloggers and share with your readers (no matter how few that may be) a little about yourself as well as introduce them to the blogs you read regularly that inspire you.  You are to nominate those 15 blogs for this award.  Kind or like a chain letter thing but without the "if you do not send this out you are either not a true christian or you will be struck with bad luck for X number of years" you know the ones I mean.  It isn't like that.  It is more of a get to know other bloggers and let them know that you appreciate the time they spend and information they share.  Some of the bloggers on here are just so amazing aren't they?  I mean Super bloggers! I cannot imagine ever reaching that level, but I am glad to have discovered this outlet of creativity as well as being able to share with others the things I find.  I have these "Super bloggers" to thank for teaching me all I have learned in sewing and crafting. is the one that nominated me for this award.  I will be thanking her on her blog.  You should go check it out.  It is a really cute blog! The hardest part of this award for me is to limit it to only 15 blogs.  So many of them have been an inspiration to me.  

The 15 blogs/bloggers I discovered recently (since I am so new to blogland pretty much all of them are recent) that I wish to nominate  are as follows. Many I am sure already have receive this nomination but this is more about sharing than anything else right? Some are new bloggers and some are Super bloggers and in between the two.  I wanted to take this opportunity to show the blogs that really help inspire us. They are just incredible blogs! I also wanted to include the blogger that nominated me. However, that would make it all pretty redundant wouldn't it? Regardless, you must check out these blogs if you haven't already. Many I am sure are too busy to follow through with this.  However, that is again not what I wanted to do with this.  It is more of my own way of saying "hey, you inspire me and make me want to create! Thank you so much for all the time you spend on blogging and sharing your knowledge with us".  That and to let anyone that reads my blog know you have GOT to check these sites out!

Staci @ Craftifyit

Alisha @ snugasabugbaby

Whitney & Ashley @ - these sisters have been completely responsible for so many things I do, including the need to now purchase my very own power tools! yep, that is right.  I even have my own compound sliding miter saw, all because of this very blog!

Pamela @ - another fantastic blog that you must read if you haven't already

As I said, please go and check them out! You will waste at least a couple of days just going through them all and thinking to yourself "man, I have to make that!" or "I have always wanted to make one of those!".  Well worth your time reading! Mr Nana isn't all that thrilled with my discovery.  I have tripled my crafting allowance.  But he is really tickled that I felt the need to include the purchase of power tools in that allowance.  Oh and that I am willing to share! 

The final part of this nomination requires I tell 7 things about myself.  

1. I discovered my creative side only recently. I am disabled and not sure if it was more that I simply never had time to feel creative or the need to rediscover myself after my life changed so drastically.  Regardless of the reason, I am thrilled with the final result.  I found a quote recently.  I don't know the author, but I love the sentiment.  It says "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly".  It really fits me.  I may have lost many things because of Lupus.  I have also found many. Love of my family and how truly loyal they are as well as the feeling of not battling this alone.  As well as discovering a side of myself that had been dormant for so long. A creative and artistic side that I know was there, but because of the need to be rush through life, it was stifled. Not any longer.

2. I have 5 children and 3 grandchildren.  All of which I adore obviously.  Not only that but I am so proud of them.  My oldest daughter is the best mother I have ever known.  I see her and I am filled with such pride in her.  When I see her with my grand daughter and see just the incredible woman she is, it is then that I know that I must have done something very very right raising her.  I mean I cannot take total credit.  She is the person she is. But lets face it, if I had been a lousy mom I could have screwed it up.  It is nice to see your children grown and know all those things you were working so hard to instill in them took.  It makes it all worth it.  

Me and my oldest daughter at her high school graduation
My daughter and my oldest grandchild Avery..She is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on.  She is my doodlebug.  Once not long ago she came to spend the night.  We played as we always do.  Then as we were laying down to sleep she turned to me and said "Nana, you have not called me doodlebug all day!".  It was then I realized how much my pet name for her meant to her. I have never made that mistake again. 

3. I live in Mesquite TX.  It is a suburb of Dallas.  Lived here almost all my life.  I love it here and love Dallas.  I did move away once but hated it.  Came home as soon as I could! 

4. I am a strange mixture of Irish and Choctaw.  My grandfather always told me it meant I liked to drink but couldn't hold my liquor! lol.. He was joking of course.  This was from a devout Southern Baptist man that never drank a drop in his life! I am not a drinker either.  Not because of any deep religious beliefs but more the fact that I just never liked the taste of it.  Even as a teen when my friends would do the normal rebellious thing and get some alcohol.  I never drank.  I tried it of course but hated it.  As I got older I drank only when I went out to a club.  Then it was more to loosen up and because of being so thirsty when dancing. 

5. I am a devout Christian.  This is something my mother is so pleased about.  When I was really sick and things were really not looking good for a while her biggest fear was not only my life but my afterlife.  I knew this and more than anything wanted to offer her the comfort she needed.  I know that the hardest part about dying is not the person that dies, but those they leave behind.  So it worried me that she was so upset over my lack of faith.  However, I also felt strongly that I couldn't be a hypocrite and proclaim faith I simply didn't feel. I tried. Lord knows I tried.  I prayed 3 times a day begging to be shown the way.  Nothing.  Then one day it was there.  I felt it as strongly as I know my own name.  That day after church I felt it so strongly I cried.  I called my sister and she took me to the pastor and I was saved.  He has been in my heart each day since and has gotten me through some very very hard times.  My mother is also happy I found my way.  As much as I would love to say I found it for her.  I didn't.  He found me.

6. Because a picture can say a thousand words, I am including a few of my own home pictures. Some of my kiddos are a bit camera shy so I don't have any of them. Then I have some that take pictures daily and I have tons of those.  I am just sharing a few of what I have.
 We must have the bluebonnet pictures taken each and every year.
 Isnt this just beautiful.
 My oldest daughter and I at her High School Graduation.
 Avery Pooh Cheesin'

 My youngest daughter and her baby Maci
 Another that I love.
 I love this picture of my granddaughter Avery. One of my absolute favorites
  This is my second oldest daughter competing in the Miss Teen Texas USA
 My youngest daughter and Avery playing around.
 My mother and my oldest grand daughter Avery
 Me, my senior year.
 My Second oldest daughter Ryan at the Miss Teen Dallas I think? She won so many it is really hard to remember.
 This is me at 15 mos.
 My Wedding day
 My daughters were requested to hand out the Country Swing Music Awards 4 years in a row.
 My daughter, her fiance (wedding in a few months in Gulf Shore Alabama) and Avery
Avery and I 

7. I love crafting, sewing, woodworking, DIY anything, burlap! Quilting and pretty much anything creative.  I have taught myself to sew, quilt and teaching myself woodworking.  I have learned so much this past year and am learning more each day.  I have one child still at home.  He is 12 and pretty much lives to play video games.  He is still his mom's boy though. I am aware each day that our time is limited and I never take one day for granted.  I try to live this way with all of my family.  I hate the reason I feel this way.  However, I have to appreciate that fact that it has opened my eyes to see that each day is to be appreciated and loved.  That life is short and speeds by in the blink of an eye. One day you are changing diapers and the next you are attending their graduation or wedding.  I live each day in the hope that that day I made sure my family knew they were loved deeply by me.  So when I am no longer here to tell them, they will feel it in their hearts and it will comfort them each day.  

That is all.. Hope it wasn't too long of a post.  I will get back to posting more creative projects.  I am working on a few.  I actually made some but didn't remember the cardinal rule of blogging and get some pics! Oh well I have so many more to do I am sure I can make it up to you somehow!

Till next time, I hope you have a great day!

aka Nanasrcool

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blog Award:
  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Tell 7 things about yourself.
There are also a few add-on rules: 
  • In the same post, include this set of rules.
  • Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hard to post in your blog about sewing projects when you have not stepped foot in your sewing room all week.  Not sure how many of you that read this are aware of it, but I have advanced lupus.  I actually originally had included it in my blog title because it is unfortunately a large part of my life and is actually the thing that brought me to sewing and quilting in a round about way.  However, when I started posting it came to me that I didn't want my blog to be about a person Lupus that quilted.  I wanted it to be about a quilter that just happen to have Lupus.  It is of course a part of my life but it isn't my LIFE.  It is only a small portion of it.  It has definitely made a large impact on it.  Shortened it I am sure.  But then many things could have done this as well.   My main goal is to try to keep it on the sidelines as much as I can.  There are times I am successful it doing that.  Others, not so much! Especially recently.Not sure if it is the Lupus that has been giving me so much hell lately of the Fibro.  It can be hard to make a distinction sometimes.   Then again, does it really matter which one the culprit is?  Don't really think so.

I try to use this time to research and find great patterns and tutorial.  Come up with plans to do things around the house... you know, that kind of stuff.  So that is what I have been doing.  I have been hoping to find some fabric that I can use to make some quilts to donate to some of the tornado victims.  Not any luck so far, but I still have some hope.  I never really know how long the down time will last but I try to wake up each day and do the body check.  I usually don't put much stock in how I feel in the morning.  Lets face it, as any Lupie can tell you, mornings are generally pretty crappy.  However, on a good day the crappiness is only temporary and will fade in an hour or two and you can get moving around.

Today is my youngest grand daughter's birthday.  She turned a whopping 1 years old today! My daughter brought her over for a visit.  I asked her to since the regular on the phone "happy birthday" just doesn't have the same wow factor for a 1 year old as it does say a 3 or 4 year old.  My daughter had some homework to do for a college class.  Mr. Nana was a sweetie and agreed to watch my grandbaby while my daughter used my laptop to do her homework.  They were playing and we could hear them both laughing up a storm.  Then we both noticed it had gotten really quiet.  I then bet my daughter that they were asleep, laying on the couch. I was HALF right.  She came running back to my room and grabbed her cell and got this adorable picture which I absolutely adore! Can't wait to frame it and get it hung!  But mostly it just shows how much Mr Nana adores our youngest grand daughter.

There he was, with our grand baby all snuggled up in his lap, wrapped in his favorite bathrobe.  Both of them sound asleep! Gotta love it!

Till next time, have a great day!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

I have been working on several projects at the same time.  You know what that means.. lots of small things done but nothing big finished.  I tend to like to work that way though sometimes.  Sometimes you just need some projects you can finish up quickly.  Kind of like an instant gratification thing.  That is one reason I was never keen on online shopping.  I mean you find great stuff but then you have to WAIT!! OMG!

I remember as kids when my mother was raising us on her own. We really had it rough at times.  When she went grocery shopping that twice a month and actually bought those snacks.  Me and my sisters would eat them up within a few days! Woosh....Gone! So patience was never a strong point for me.  However, now I have found online shopping to be my best friend.  I no longer can drive so it is my only way to shop.  Now, that I have had to use it, I have really come to appreciate it.  I mean how many times have you gone shopping and would be going through the sale stuff finding something your really like only to have the rest of the grouping sold out or not in your size? I hate that! lol  Now if one online shop is out, I simply locate the rest at another shop! Simple!

So I made a few things.. first I made some place mats to go in our breakfast area that actually match my kitchen.  I made most of the stuff in there and so I guess it is only right the place mats needed to be made by me as well...

They turned out pretty good I think..What do you think? 

I am working on a table runner to go with them

I also made a pin cushion to decorate my sewing room.  I got the instructions from DIY Dish.  .  I am not extremely happy with how it turned out.  Not because of the design.  That part is great.  But mostly it is probably my sewing inexperience.  I plan to make another one and see if it will come out better.  I am holding off till I can get something for the head part like they suggest.  They suggest a small Christmas ornament like a glass ball or glitter one.  So I will hold off til I have make a Hobby Lobby run (which thank goodness did NOT get hit by the tornado that touched down withing only a few hundred feet from it) and pick one up! The Kwik Kar Lube shop next to it is history and nothing but a pile of cinder blocks now.  But my favorite store in the world is still there and in full working order! yeah!

I have a few more things I am also working on that are larger projects.  But will have to post them at a later date.

Hope you are having a great day! Keep quilting and sewing!